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If you only had one photo of your dog,

what would they be doing?



or CALL+1604-7573-787 

Epic PhoDOGraphy is a Dog Photography company based in Whistler, B.C with photography by   long time Whistler local Peter Bailey, a specialist in shooting unpredictable subjects in varying conditions., be that adventure sports, events, street phtography, families, nightlife and now DOGS!. 

He really appreciates how important photos, that can seem trivial now can be priceless in the future. 

We make the most of the stunning scenery


Timeless images of your dog, living their best lives. 

brody water photoshopped_edited.jpg

The goal for every shoot is to capture your dog,

doing what they love to do, with stunning scenery.

cali photoshopped.jpg

Unique weather conditions

create unique images.

Flexible booking allows you

to choose the day that

works for you,

with maximum flexibility

scamp jumping 360 photoshopped.jpg

Every dog is different, so every shoot is different.

We love finding out that quirky thing.

SCAMP can do a jumping 360! 


Dog Photography is family photography.

Bring your humans for a few quick  pics at the end. 

Full Family Shoots can also be arranged.

sam and sadie.jpg

Once in a lifetime weather requires planning.

Flexible booking in advance puts you on our

weather standby list. 

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